Welcome to another edition of Collected Clan … the podcast featuring conversational biographies of relatable people with real stories of triumph and tragedy plus successes and setbacks. I’m your host Gregory Byerline. People often come and go, but these people are the company you keep. Everyday people making their mark.

My guest today is Abby Stahlschmidt. Abby is a professional model with whom I’ve worked several times, and she’s also an accomplished violinist playing across the US and Europe. We talk about her music career so far and take a deep dive into the fashion and modeling world as we’ve both seen it, including a look at female objectification and how our work impacts people who see it. Abby also shares about a special organization she supports in this episode’s Non-Profit Spotlight. We end our conversation with an elevating celebration of femininity plus the mention of another playlist related to our conversation.

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  • 0:01:26 Introduction
  • 0:01:44 Abby the Violinist
  • 0:02:19 Abby describes her music
  • 0:03:29 Electric violin vs Acoustic violin
  • 0:08:14 Musical career highlights
  • 0:11:54 “Purple Rain” tribute cover
  • 0:16:22 Designing a custom tuxedo
  • 0:19:09 Non-Profit Spotlight: Camp Penuel
  • 0:20:42 Modeling segment introduction
  • 0:22:25 Photographing pageantland
  • 0:25:47 How Abby started modeling career
  • 0:28:56 Early along in modeling career
  • 0:30:26 Parental guidance for modeling career
  • 0:34:29 How Abby felt about her first photo shoot experience as a 12-year-old
  • 0:36:49 A shady experience with another photographer and how her agency responded
  • 0:39:27 Models are independent contractors
  • 0:43:05 Modeling and female objectification
  • 0:51:34 On retouching and superficiality
  • 0:55:10 Intimate portraits and intent
  • 0:58:31 Pre-sunrise photoshoot
  • 1:01:48 Celebrating feminity
  • 1:04:35 Songs that celebrate women
  • 1:08:15 Closing remarks


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Learn more about Abby Stahlschmidt at these links and savor the decadent deliciousness
Official Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube


As promised in this episode, here’s a collection of photos and videos of topics discussed so you have the full experience of this conversational biography.

We start with a collection of photos Abby and your host Gregory have made together over the years.

Next is a collection of photos, videos, and Instagram posts of Abby for various projects she’s done. Starting off, Abby is currently performing throughout Europe withe Vivaldi Metal Project. See her play in this video of an unplugged arrangement. Hear more about Vivaldi Metal Project at 09:28 in this episode.


Abby stars in and sings “Turntable” in this video below. Here the full story at 10:08 of this episode.


After Prince’s passing, Abby recorded an instrumental version of “Purple Rain” which led to performing live for a St. Louis area dancer who is now paralyzed from a random drive-by shooting. Here here tell the story at 11:53 in this episode.


Here’s a sampling of favorites from Abby’s Instagram feed. Abby discusses her professional modeling career as our main topic at 20:41.


Toward the end of our conversation, around the 0:54:55 mark, I mention a line of intimate portraiture that I have created. The line is called Bellíntima, and you’re invited to learn more by visiting the official website for this photographic experience.










Enjoy this 40-song playlist of songs celebrating how wonderful woman are. Here the backstory of this playlist at 1:04:19 and be sure you listen to these great songs after the show.


Camp Penuel, chartered in 1973, is a non-denominational charity focusing on inner-city and “at risk” children.

Camp Penuel’s headquarters and main location is Ironton, Missouri on Lake Killarney. This camp welcomes children from the St. Louis Metro Area, all Missouri, Illinois, Kensas, Tennessee, and Oklahoma.

Begun in 1994, our East Camp in Eldred, Pennsylvania reaches their local area and includes Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Ohio and Washington D.C. Jeremy and Jena Walter lead this camp.

In January 2003, Penuel dedicated land in Esparaza, Costa Rica. Paul and Thelma Bernhagen, who worked at our main camp for over five years, lead the new operation. Not only Costa Rican children benefit from the camp, it will reach out to other countries in Central America.

Abby shares her affections about Camp Penuel at the 19:14 mark in this episode.



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