Though we met less than 10 years ago, John J. Thompson and I share a rather parallel life that was exciting to explore in this conversation about our shared Central Illinois roots and about signing his own adoption papers, how forgiveness is actually connected to understanding, the unique community that was Cornerstone Festival, his book called Jesus, Bread, and Chocolate: Crafting a Handmade Faith in a Mass Market World, and so much more.

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  • 0:02:02 Our parallel life
  • 0:12:10 Living in and out of hiding with a con-man father
  • 0:15:28 The making of a con-man father
  • 0:17:59 The forgiveness process
  • 0:21:52 Counting native Nashvillians
  • 0:22:43 Moving to Music City
  • 0:23:48 The beginnings of a music library
  • 0:26:35 Tales from the late great Cornerstone Festival
  • 0:31:43 The rise and fall of True Tunes
  • 0:35:54 “I’m cool with Africa, just don’t send me to Nashville”
  • 0:44:42 Grand ideals dashed upon the rocks
  • 0:53:43 About Jesus, Bread, and Chocolate book
  • 1:07:38 John‘s upcoming projects
  • 1:08:17 Deep admiration for Phil Keaggy
  • 1:10:03 Non-Profit Spotlight: Compassion International
  • 01:10:18 How to connect with John online


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Learn more about John at these links to read his thought-provoking writings
Official Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram


Hear his original music recorded as The Wayside, with his wife and musical partner Michelle Thompason, at ReverbNation.

Download a free chapter of John J. Thompson’s book called Jesus, Bread, and Chocolate: Crafting a Handmade Faith in a Mass Market World at this link or by clicking the cover below.

Jesus, Bread, and Chocolate book by John J. Thompson book cover

Jesus, Bread, and Chocolate book by John J. Thompson







John selected Compassion International for this episode’s Non-Profit Spotlight. John and his wife Michelle have sponsored several children around the world over years, helping provide an opportunity to attend or stay in school, access to medical care which often saves lives, nourishing food, mentoring and a safe environment through a local church, and opportunities to hear the good news that John writes about.

Please watch this video to learn more about the great work done by Compassion International and consider sponsoring a child today. Give a child hope for the future and for all eternity.



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