In this episode, we hear from Tiffany Montero and how she’s navigating life through the lens of high-functioning autism and the redemptive power of adoption and how she made a conscious connection with her own birth mom as birth mom herself. This is real life in some honest, candid storytelling and conversation. Plus a special Non-Profit Spotlight that’ll shed some light on how easy it is to help someone else on their journey.

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Learn more about Tiffany at these links and savor the decadent deliciousness
Official Website | Instagram


Tiffany has recently launched a blog called Trail Healing where she writes about her journey to healing through trail running.

Additional links to a few of our discussion topics:
The Katy Trail
High-Functioning Autism
Asperger Syndrome


Tiffany Montero during the Shawnee Hills 100 mile trail race. Photo provided.


The Montero Family. Photo provided.

Tiffany is pictured here with her husband Jose (blue shirt), son Adam (black shirt), and cousin David (green shirt). Photo courtesy of Tiffany Montero.



This month’s Non-Profit Spotight is something near and dear to Tiffany Montero. Listen along at 1:13:05 to hear how Tiffany’s family supports others on their journey this unique and simple process.



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