David and I talked extensively his music career, songwriting, love & marriage, human interaction, social ills and solutions to those ills, and the ideology and philosophy that fuels his world.

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Since music is a large part of his story, it’s only fitting to include this a playlist of David’s favorite tracks (plus a couple of my personal favorites added at the end) from his albums with Old Man Shattered and the solo EP he mentioned, plus a link to his EP download at BandCamp plus a video of the band in action. Rock on.

David Meyers EP - The Rescue




The New Mexico Dream Center is an Organization who exists to restore the dreams of the Hopeless, the Helpless, the Hurting, and the Broken. They are committed to identifying gaps in services in New Mexico and since there are not any current services that address Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking (DMST) in the entire state NMDC is taking on this issue! Click screenshot below to see the video David mentioned then scroll below the video to donate if you’re able to help.

New Mexico Dream Center video still



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