2020 was a circus disaster for sure, but the big top didn’t fully catch fire. Trapeze artists fell, and the resilient got back up to take another swing.

To borrow from what you’ll soon hear, “but if you’re breathing today, you’ve made it this far. That’s no small thing. Incredible, even!” Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing while you listen, kick back and soak it in.

What We Talk About:

  • 0:01:23 Terrie Peterson … discovered that she may not be fast, but she can outlast
  • 0:02:40 David Talbott … running wasn’t canceled, hit mileage goal of 2020
  • 0:03:42 Keith Cartright … finished Georgia Jewel 35 after third attempt
  • 0:07:51 Bradley Ford … pivoting business into new ventures
  • 0:10:31 David Meyers … we made it!
  • 0:12:26 Gregory Byerline … closing remarks
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