Jenny & Franklin Baker have covered more ground (literally) than your average couple, whether on the road or trail running or turning their life’s boat upstream by moving to the woods and simplifying their life to amplify the impact they have on others lives. Listen in as we talk about ultra running (any distance longer than a 26.2-mile marathon…yeah, it’s a thing), homeschooling, living intentionally, female empowerment, and so much more. Another good’n for you.

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  • 0:02:06 Team Baker and ultra running
  • 0:09:57 Hybrid running
  • 0:11:00 Why do you run?
  • 0:18:07 Georgia Jewel race
  • 0:26:25 Trail running community
  • 0:29:28 Non-Profit Spotlight
  • 0:30:51 Homeschooling
  • 0:41:11 Homeschooling challenges
  • 0:44:22 The War on Normal book
  • 0:54:38 The Bannister Effect
  • 0:55:25 “An Open Letter to Eves”
  • 0:59:25 SheVentures
  • 1:02:50 Pursuit of comfort
  • 1:12:32 The importance of a significant ringtone


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Learn more about Jenny & Franklin Baker at these links:
Jenny Baker … Instagram | Blog
Franklin Baker … Instagram
Georgia Jewel … Official Website | Facebook
SheVentures … Official Website | Facebook


SheVentures logoIn this episode, we talked about the trail race Team Baker directs called Georgia Jewel. I had the privilege of running part of the Georgia Jewel course, both of which were quite the adventure. First was a preview run, and the second was actual race day. If you’d like to run this great event, register here and also visit the official site.

Learn more about SheVentures, the outdoor opportunity for women to “explore the earth, conquer the adventure (and pee in the woods)”

Blog post by Gregory called An Open Letter To Eves

Jenny’s book The War on Normal: How to Find Contentment in Your Post-Baby Body

The War on Normal book cover




Jenny & Franklin Baker have selected Run4Water  for their episode’s Non-Profit Spotlight.

Run4Water strives to raise awareness and provide solutions for the worldwide water crisis. They are not the typical nonprofit organization: while they operate on donations and want to make a big impact in the world, Run4Water also wants to inspire others to use their talents and abilities to make a change in the world around you. Run4Water holds events and races that encourage others to get involved. They offer resources and experience to help others make a difference in the world. The organization consists of individuals from all backgrounds coming together to perform a monumental task.

Learn more about Run4Water by visiting their official website and follow this great organization on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.




Here’s a list of products mentioned in our conversation. These are affiliate links from which Collected Clan receives a small commission at no additional cost to you that offsets costs of producing these episodes.

The War on Normal: How to Find Contentment in Your Post-Baby Body




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