In this bonus episode, I have a special treat for you.

This episode is a collection of unreleased material from previous episodes with guests who are mothers. This podcast series is all about conversation, which is much more than an interview. They’re two-sided; not just one-sided Q&A. To that end, I don’t keep a list of questions to ask every guest.

Except in this case.

There’s one question I asked each guest. One topic, rather, that I covered with each guest. And that’s what I have in store for you today.

“Making the decision to have a child – it is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.” ~Elizabeth Stone

I asked each guest to say something to and for each of their children so that, when their children come across this recording years from now – however they find it – because once it’s online it’s online forever – a time capsule of love notes, encouragements, and affirmations from these mothers’ hearts to their children.

And this is so needed today, which is one of the reasons this podcast exists. As a society in recent years, we’ve done a lot of talking AT each other instead of talking WITH each other … or in this case using words FOR another. This is missing in our society, and this is my way of adding a raindrop to the ocean and trying to create a ripple of change. Planting seeds now that will grow into something of greater value later.

Think about the loved ones we’ve all lost whose voices we’d love to hear. If only through this single method, here’s a way for these children to hear their mothers’ voices forever and ever.


Mother’s Day memos…Saying it forward. Thank you, ladies, for sharing your heart here … for your kids AND for us to hear. You speak and have something worthwhile to say,  and you say it kindly.

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Thank you again for listening.

Now go be you.


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Since this bonus episode contains verbal love notes from mothers to their children, it only apt that we present those mothers with their children. 8)

Daughter and mother

(left) Amanda Eldridge and (right ) Ginger Eldridge from Episode 8. Photo courtesy of Ginger Eldridge.

Elizabeth Foster from Episode 6 with her mini-me Eloise. Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Foster.

mother and children

Levi & Lucy with their mother Jenny Baker from Episode 7. Photo courtesy of Jenny Baker.

The Willis gals with Tanya Willis from Episode 5. Photo courtesy of Tanya Willis.


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