#019 – Stephen Tedeschi: On Performing Arts, Being Italian, and the Joy of Christmas

My guest today is Stephen Tedeschi. Stephen is another artist in my world, and we’ve shared many a stage together with him at the helm of numerous dramatic arts performances, which, of course, we talk about here.

“Man, if kids could just find who they are at a young age and stick with it…What a difference!”

~Stephen Tedeschi

He’s very much Italian, and his fantastic family is always nearby. You’ll even hear some of them in the background a time or two enjoying life together, and this will give you an accurate glimpse into a typical Tedeschi family day.

As always, we feature a Non-Profit Spotlight selected by our guest. Two actually.

Stick around to the end where we have a special holiday presentation for you. Stephen is very much a fan of the Christmas season, and we’ve got a special surprise for you. Two surprises. Hint…one of those is The Magnificat spoken in Hebrew.

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  • 0:02:21 Why the dramatic arts?
  • 0:08:19 Stage show history
  • 0:10:39 Our creative paths crossing
  • 0:12:30 Sewing, tailoring, and costume making
  • 0:15:55 Gaining a son-in-law
  • 0:21:06 The Arts Place and performing arts appreciation
  • 0:24:48 How Stephen inspired my father/son relationship
  • 0:29:22 About The Arts Place
  • 0:34:24 Stephen’s Italian heritage
  • 0:36:37 Coffee talk
  • 0:44:03 Life the Italian way
  • 0:47:17 Origin of the Americano
  • 0:48:37 Non-Profit Spotlights: Rejoice School of Ballet and Narrow Gate Foundation
  • 0:51:19 Countdown to Christmas
  • 0:54:01 A Tedeschi Family Christmas
  • 1:00:21 The Spirit of Christmas
  • 1:03:57 A Carpenter Family Christmas
  • 1:05:33 Closing remarks
  • 1:07:01 BONUS The Christmas story
  • 1:12:07 BONUS The Magnificat spoken in Hebrew


Learn more about Stephen Tedeschi at these links and social media outlets.
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Here’s some additional photos, videos, and a playlist mentioned in this episode.

Stephen’s first espresso cup, given to him at age 2 by his Italian grandfather.

Stephen Tedeschi in custom costume he created






Stephen and his wife Miriam run a non-profit called The Arts Place where they provide budding and established artists with a safe, unique environment where skilled mentors and responsible administrators help them develop and cultivate their God-given talents and projects in various areas of the arts. He discusses their mission and purpose at 0:29:22.

At 44:03 as part of our conversation about life the Italian way, I mentioned a scene from the Eat Pray Love motion picture. Here’s that scene:

Spin some holiday cheer as we collectively long for extending peace on earth and goodwill beyond the month of December.



This episode’s Non-Profit Spotlight segment features two organizations that Stephen Tedeschi supports through his direct experience with them.

Rejoice School of Ballet offers one of the only available, affordable after-school arts programs in East Nashville for children from low income families. The positive environment offered by Rejoice results in increased self-esteem, valuing teamwork, and an improved respect for self and others. The study of ballet teaches children how to move with poise and grace, instills discipline, and sets standards of excellence. Rejoice provides children and their familes with tools for successful living.

Narrow Gate Foundation offers a transformative experience for young men ages 18-25. Lodge participants live and work together while pursuing biblical training, personal discipleship, challenging adventures, and new life skills. During their 6-8 month stay, young men pause from the distractions of daily life to discover who Jesus says they are and their calling for the future.


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#011 – Bradley Ford: Guitarist, DJ, Music Man (Part 1)

In this episode, I talk with my friend Bradley Ford about his career in music, our love of music and musicals, the impact of music on society through education and so much more, including what it’s like to have experienced a school shooting first hand. This conversation took many twists and turns and returns upon itself into a woven storyline that created the longest episode so far. So this is Part 1 of the two-part conversational biography.

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  • 0:02:17 Grown men gushing over Celine Dion
  • 0:05:23 Celine Dion is the female Meat Loaf
  • 0:08:23 Jafar lipsyncs Eric Carmen
  • 09:55 Shared deep love of music
  • 0:12:27 From Muffin to Bleach with Bradley on guitar
  • 0:22:37 Impact of music on the creator and the listener
  • 0:31:15 One of the most underrated rock records of all time
  • 0:33:36 Hearing in technicolor
  • 0:39:47 Phantom of the Opera
  • 0:46:28 Life and humanity through the lens of The Greatest Showman
  • 0:57:39 “A beautiful crap shoot of life”


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Learn more about Bradley Ford at these links and dive into his humor-filled world of music.
Facebook | TwitterInstagram


We talked about many a song in this episode, so it’s only fair that you have a chance to have those at your fingertips for your listening pleasure.

The infamous Muffin ringer tee

Static album cover by Bleach

Bradley created this Bleach playlist so you can hear that part of his world.

Dove Award for Alternative/Modern Rock Recorded Song of the Year for “Epidermis Girl”

Commemorating the #1 single “Super Good Feeling” written by our guest Bradley Ford

Commemorating the #1 single “Super Good Feeling” … written by our guest Bradley Ford

If you haven’t heard the 25th anniversary cast performance of Phantom of the Opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber featuring Ramin Karimloo (Phantom) and Sierra Boggess (Christine), here’s your chance. Buckle up and enjoy the ride.

And of course, we also recommend that you give some listens to The Greatest Showman


Bradley’s selection for this episode’s Non-Profit Spotlight will be presented in Part 2 of this conversation. Stay tuned.