Welcome to Collected Clan…the trailer. The podcast about outstanding people I’ve met along the way. People with interesting stories, triumphs, and ideals. People who’ve made their mark in the world and in my life. I’m your host Gregory Byerline. I’ve met a lot of people over the years, and many people come and go. Shakespeare wrote “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances.” But these people are the company that you keep. Everyday people just like you and me.

My entire career path has been about people…as their photographer, colleague, teammate, running buddy, manager, mentor, family, and friend. Raised in a small Midwestern farm town where everybody knew everybody, those quaint confines couldn’t keep me there when “out there” beckoned.

As an armchair-sociologist, learning other’s stories has always fascinated me. And my hyperactive curiosity always wants to know more. That’s why I created Collected Clan, stories of the company I keep as souvenirs from the journey.


American society is at a crossroads as we grapple with international propaganda, national fake news, and the ease of sharing topics on social media after reading only the click-bait headline. We don’t look deeper.

Somewhere along the way we’ve lost the art of conversation. We talk at people instead of with people. We use our mouth more than our ears. We too commonly stay “connected” behind our screens, and it’s high time we start talking about our lives and life’s ups, downs, and all-arounds.

And that’s where this podcast comes in. I hope we can re-value the people around us and reignite our interpersonal relationships, which make up  the original and longest lasting social network.

Join me each episode as I talk with outstanding people I’ve met along the way.


In each episode, I will also feature a Non-Profit Spotlight chosen specifically by the guest. This will give you an idea what they value and causes they want to support, and I’m happy to share that info with you as well.


The cover photo depicts something key to this podcast. These Bradford Pear Trees called to me the way the white blossoms reflected the light around them and helped them stand out in the darkness. I was immediately attracted to that light, but it was also interesting to see they were standing shoulder to shoulder. They were the same, but yet they were different.

Each one had a different shape. Each one had a different size. Each one swayed in the wind differently, and yet they were the same. They were unified. They were shoulder to shoulder. They were there for each other, simply being a tree.

And I think there’s a lot we can take away from that as we, too, are the same as those around us even though we struggle with different things and experience struggles in different way and experience life in different way yet we’re still the same. Cut through the clutter, cut through the color, and get deep inside…we really are the same.

There’s a unity in us. We just need to dig deep and find it.

I’m really excited about this. I know a lot of interesting people, and I look forward to introducing them to you. So join me each episode as I talk with these outstanding people I’ve met along the way. These people are the company you keep. Every day people, just like you and me.


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Here’s a black-and-white image I’ve framed of the Bradford Pear Trees photograph mentioned in the trailer. The color version of this image has also be licensed by author Leigh McLeroy for her book called The Beautiful Ache available at Amazon.



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